Eye Care

imageThe following speciality clinics are developed in Lakshmi Meenakshi Eye & Maternity Care.

Cataract Clinic:
The Lakshmi Meenakshi Eye & Maternity Care has fully equipped OTs with the latest Phaco Machines (Alcon Legacy Everest). Cataract patients are operated under peribulbar/topical anesthesia and discharge immediately after surgery.

Glaucoma Clinic:
All the patients under go screening for IOP check up with Nidek Non Contact Tonometer. Glaucoma suspects are investigated with Applanation Tomometry. Gonioscopy, Computerized Visual Fields and Fundus Photography. Angle closure glaucoma patients are treated with Nidek Yag Laser. Argon Laser trabeuculoplasty is being done for primary open angle Glaucoma patients.

Retina Clinic:
Retinal Vascular Diseases like Diabetic Retinopathy, Venous Occlusions and Inflammatory Disorders are examined in detail and for the required patients FFA is done and recorded by Zeiss FFA Unit. Digital photographs along with videography is possible with the unit. Necessary patients are treated by Photo Coagulation with Argon Laser. Vitrectomies and Intra Ocular Antibiotic Injections are performed.

Contact Lens Clinic:
Contact Lens Clinic is supported by Bausch and Lomb. Trials are done for the patients and necessary contact lens prescribed.

Squint Clinic:
Orthoptic assessement is done with Synoptophore and Squint patients are treated surgically.